WELCOME TO 2019! Creature Featured! Darwin, the Galapagos Centipede! As some of you may or may not know, every month this year we will be featuring a new animal in the Creepy Crawly Zoo.  Last month we had Ladybird, the Goliath Birdeater Tarantula. This month it is Darwin, the Galapagos Centipede! In 25 years of

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August 2018 Newsletter – Creepy Crawly Zoo

Greetings all you bug lovers out there and welcome to the latest Creepy Crawly Newsletter! We’ve got lots to share with you today including new friends, old friends, and chances for you to catch Tony and his buggy menagerie, so let’s dive in! WE HAVE A NEW SPONSOR!!! We are thrilled to announce a new

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Let’s Talk About Ticks, Baby!

Greetings and salutations once again my fellow insect fanatics! So, it might be because I spend a silly amount of time wading through prairies and smashing my face up against trees and pawing through piles of rotting wood and crawling into the dark corners of basements, but I find a lot of insects on my

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June 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the Creepy Crawly Zoo June Newsletter! We apologize for missing the May Newsletter, there was just so much going on! Namely… THE BUG WHISPERER GOT MARRIED! In a lovely outdoor ceremony and surrounded by loved ones, Tony and his beautiful fiance’ Jennifer tied the knot. We couldn’t be happier for them both, and

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kids and science

The Creepy Crawly Zoo Today–January 2018 Newsletter

ANNOUNCEMENTS! Hello everyone and welcome to 2018! This newsletter has been delayed because we have some very – VERY exciting things in the works. My long-time friend, world-renowned insect collector Dan Capps, will be joining me with his insect exhibit at Discovery World on May 12th! In all my years of being involved in the

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kids and science

Dynamic Partnership Inspires Scientific Literacy for Kids

Dynamic Partnership Inspires Scientific Literacy for Kids Discovery World & Milwaukee Area Science Advocates (MASA) Present TONY’S CREEPY CRAWLY ZOO & THE GATEWAY SCIENCE TOUR! Discovery World, MASA and the Bug Whisperer have joined forces to promote their mutual missions of advancing science literacy to the community with the Gateway Science Tour! Tony’s Creepy Crawly

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One of My Favorite Schools of All Time

ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCHOOLS OF ALL TIME Every once in a while, you make contact with someone and it is the beginning of something special. In 2007 I received a call to perform at a school in Illinois, Isaac Fox Elementary. In every case, throughout the last 20yrs, whoever is in charge of programming

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Eating a Giant Bowl of LIVE Mealworms!

In honor of the up and coming 3rd annual bug-eating contest at the Schiele Museum, I decided to post one of my favorite scenes from Tales from the Bug Whisperer. Big Sigh, sometimes I still can’t believe the things I did to make this video. Enjoy! #bugeating #bugwhisperer #creepycrawlyzoo Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn

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Why I Will March for Science. #whyimarch

  Why I March for Science. “No matter what you look at, if you look at it closely enough, you are involved in the entire universe.” ― Michael Faraday As an entomologist and traveling educator/entertainer, I am not a career scientist. My life’s mission has been to create them! I can’t even say that I

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Meet the Bug Whisperer

  You’ve heard of the Dog Whisperer, the Cat Whisperer, and the Horse Whisperer. Well, now meet the Bug Whisperer. Antonio (“Tony”) Gustin, an entomologist, is an award-winning film producer, educator, and performer. He also started Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo, a fun and educational series of programs that teaches kids (and adults) about the world of

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